26 April 2013

Wishlist #2 | Spring/Summer '13

My Topshop Wishlist for S/S '13


1. Neon Animal Print Dress - £38

I literally saw this on the Topshop's Facebook page and fell in love. I'm going on holiday to Portugal at the end of the month and my fashion senses are tingling.
I don't want to just live in denim shorts, tank tops and flip flops, I want to go all out because everywhere is a catwalk m'loves.
This dress just POPS out at you and accessorised with some simple white flatforms or some black chunky heels. My personal fave are some from ASOS that I bought recently and they are just uber cool.

2. Purple Joni Jeans - £36

I've already featured the Joni jean in this post here and I actually did purchase some last week - but not the ones featured in my last wishlist - and they were perfect. They were just like American Apparel disco jean but at the fraction of the price.
Again, I saw these on their Facebook page and I just got drawn to the lilac colour. I think they would great with white clothing to make the jeans do the talking. I think they would definitely complement women of colour because of the light wash of the jean against tanned (fake or not) skin.

3. Leopard Cutout Back Midi Dress - £35

This is one of those dresses that can be worn time and time again. I've tried this on in store and the cut-out just makes this dress. They have it available in both the petite and tall ranges, and it also comes as a mini.
I personally love the midi cut because the midi gives it a classiness that I feel a mini wouldn't and plus you have the cutout at the back, showing off your back midriff.
Sexy and classy rolled into one.

4. Jungle Crop Tee By Escapology - £23

Don't you just love the safari/jungle theme around this season?
Again, this is something that is out of my comfort zone but you have to come out of the box from time to time, don't you?
Fashion is meant to be fun. Experiment and this top is just the place to start.

5. TOPSHOP Aztec Stripe Crossbody Bag - £28

I'm a huge fan of the Aztec pattern on anything and everything so this bag to me is just wonderful.
It would also be great for holiday too if you're going for a night out and don't want to take a huge beach bag.

6. TOPSHOP HOLLIE Jelly Shoes - £21

These are definitely a blast from the past for me.
These look like a grown up version of a 90s kids fashion staple and I'm definitely all for this nostalgic fashion favourite.

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